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Owing to the unavoidable stretch of the conveyor belt, particularly when first installed and operated, take-ups with generous adjustment should be provided, customarily at the end of the conveyor removed from the drive. Take-ups can also be installed on the return belt on a loop similar to that required for center drives.
If the conveyor is to be employed for handling material which is damp or which has any tendency to adhere to the belt, rotary brushes should be installed at the head end
FIG. 2. — Typical bolt-conveyor drives.
of the conveyor and at the discharge pulleys of fixed dumps and trippers. The brush should be set against the under side of the belt a little to the rear of the conveyor pulley, so that the trajectory of the sweepings will cause them to land on the discharging chutes. The rotation of the brush is secured from that of the conveyor pulley and should be considerably more rapid than that of the conveyor pulley—the brush sweeping against the travel of the return run of conveyor belt, i.e., rotating in the same direction as the conveyor travel.
Loading chutes should not only be of generous pitch to secure the desirable speed of material flow but should discharge to the conveyor belt over a curved lip so as to